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Many high school aged tennis players would like to play in college, and at the upper levels, their tournament results, UTR or USTA ranking is enough for the school to evaluate their qualifications .  But for the rest, who are looking to continue their varsity high school tennis experience and play at Division II or III schools, "recruitment" means the college would like to see the player's strokes via video .  Well, we all know how important a "first impression" is!

If a potential college has requested video of your child on the court for consideration to tryout/join their team, Winning Form will make sure to capture the strokes requested by the school (which may include groundstrokes, rallying, points, serves) in a professional way, and edit it all together in one, packaged video.


If you or your child is applying to a college and the school has requested video of certain aspects of the player's tennis game, schedule a private lesson with Doug  (contact Doug here).  During the lesson, we will make sure that footage - GOOD footage - of the requested strokes are captured on video.  Afterwards, Winning Form will edit together the clips into one, complete and professional looking package, along with graphics and transitions.

The final video will be provided to the college-bound player via a private web page for easy viewing that they can share with the college, as well as a link to download and share as well!

sample college recruitment video


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