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"Do we switch when that happens?  Should I have gone to the net?  That always happens to us - why did we lose that point?!"

These are questions I have heard a million times from doubles players when I'm coaching clinics.  It's a frustrating feeling.  But there's an explanation for everything!  You just have to see it objectively.  And now you can.

While Winning Form's Stroke Analysis takes care of your mechanics, Match Play Analysis helps you with your tactics - from positioning, shot selection, strategies, and more.  Using slow motion replays of your doubles points and the telestrator tools to visually demonstrate what went wrong (or right), you'll see and understand how to play smarter doubles points like never before.


Schedule a 4 person semi-private lesson with Doug (contact here) at The Atlantic Club in Manasquan, NJ. Bring your doubles partner and two friends/opponents.  After a warmup, Doug will set you up to play a set of doubles.  See the "Elite" rates here.

During your play, Doug will be recording every point.  If there is a "teachable moment" - a point that perfectly demonstrates a common mistake in positioning or strategy - that point will be isolated and saved for review and analysis.

Points chosen for analysis will be reviewed there on the court, using an iPad, so that players can immediately start making adjustments to their game.

After the lesson, Doug will review the selected points again, this time creating a full analysis for each of those points, using a telestrator to show both the players' proper aspects and especially the corrections needed, as well as include Doug's comments, narrated over the footage.

Your analysis videos will be provided to you to easily view via streaming, on a private password-protected page on

Links for your analysis videos will also be provided, via Dropbox, so that you can download it to your phone or computer.  

sample match play analysis

Here are examples of the type of videos you and your doubles partner receive (to view privately online as well as download) after a "match play analysis" session with Winning Form.  Thirty minutes of playing points typically yields 4 or 5 videos that highlight certain strengths and flaws that are likely common to your game.  Watch and re-watch, learn, and improve!

The correct shifting position at the net - and the wrong one!

Eyes on - and position for - your "first threat!"

Don't forget to "follow the ball" while at the net

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