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When it comes to improving your strokes, often it helps to have more than one cook in the kitchen.  

Most good teaching professionals can identify the same flaws in a player's swing or technique...but the words they use, how they explain it, and their suggestions to improve them may differ from another pro's - and it'll click with the player in a way that another coach's feedback didn't!  

With "panel review," a player gets to have his/her stroke looked at by several tennis professionals, and get feedback from all of them on how to improve it.


Winning Form has partnered with fellow Atlantic Club tennis professional David Wolf and his new service, Tele-Tennis Coaching. When you request a Panel Review on one of your strokes, David will use a phone's camera to capture the stroke of your request while on the court during a private lesson with you.  He will discuss your stroke's strengths and weaknesses, as well as ways to improve it.

After the lesson, video footage of your stroke will be posted on the Tele-Tennis website, with comments not just from David, but from other tennis professionals as well, with their own feedback on your stroke!  With several experts chiming in, something is sure to click.



or contact Doug for more information

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