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To get a video analysis done on one of your strokes, you don't have to be on the court with Doug at The Atlantic Club, though that IS the ideal way to do it.  But if you don't live close enough, Winning Form offers you the "remote" option!

You can send in a video of yourself executing the shot of your choice (forehand groundstroke, backhand volley, or serve, etc) and Doug will do the same analysis on it as he would for his private lessons, on court.  We even provide you with a link to easily upload your video right from your phone, securely and privately to Winning Form!

See below on how to do this, including some tips and tricks to get a great analysis.


Record yourself executing the stroke of your choice.  Your video only needs to be about 30-60 seconds long (about 7 or 8 swings for groundstrokes and volleys, about 3 or 4 swings for serves).  See below!

Tips and Guidelines... Camera Placement: For a groundstroke, place your camera on the singles sideline a few feet away from the service line, toward the baseline.  For a volley, on the singles sideline a few feet away from the net on the opposite side.   For serves, where the doubles line meets the baseline.  Phone/Camera should be in the sideways ("landscape") position.



Forehand Groundstroke

Backhand Groundstroke

Forehand Volley

Backhand Volley

Length: Your video only needs to be - and should be - between 30 and 60 seconds long.  For a groundstroke, that's about 7 or 8 swings.  For a serve, 3 or 4 swings.  This is enough for Doug to identify habits and techniques common or typical of your stroke, as well as isolate one very representative swing for analysis.

Be in touch.  Email or message Doug through the website , let him know you'd like a video stroke analysis done so he can expect your video!  He can also answer any questions you may have and provide more information.

Send/Upload your Video to Winning Form. After making contact with Doug, you can send your video file (again, see above about video length!) by emailing him an attachment - if file is not too big - or upload directly to Winning Form's Dropbox here!


Your video goes directly into a private folder that only Doug can access

After receiving your video, Doug will review your stroke, and create a full analysis video of your mechanics in a side-by-side comparison with the same stroke being executed by himself or another tennis professional, using a telestrator to show your stroke's finer points and especially the corrections needed, as well as include Doug's comments, narrated over the footage.

Your analysis video will be provided to you for easy viewing via streaming, on a private password-protected page on

A link of your analysis video will also be provided, via Dropbox, so that you can download it to your phone or computer

Show some love.  Since all other services from Winning Form are add-on tasks to an on-court lesson that's already been paid for, for a Remote Video Stroke Anlaysis Doug appreciates a "tip" donation to the site in the amount of $40.  It'll be the best "lesson" you ever got on that swing, at a fraction of the cost and convenience of a conventional tennis lesson!

sample video stroke analysis

The video analysis will be similar to this one below (which was recorded by Doug, on court, during a private lesson.

Player: "Sue"

Stroke: Backhand Groundstroke (One-Handed)

Download (via Dropbox) also provided 

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