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By far Winning Form's most utilized service on the court, video stroke analysis is a must for every tennis player looking to improve one of - or all of - their strokes. Seeing what your body is doing while you have your eyes on the ball is highly revealing; consider it an x-ray on your swing.

Doug always keeps in mind the difference between one's style and the proper techniques.  Platform or pinpoint stance on your serve?  Both correct!  Square stance or open stance on your forehand?  Both correct!  The style is yours.  It's Doug's job with Winning Form to identify not just your stroke's strengths but most importantly anything mechanical that hinders your progress - and to help you understand and correct it the most effective way possible: visually.

And the final analysis video is yours to keep, to view privately online or download to your own devices to rewatch, relearn, and compare with future video to see your progress!


Schedule a private lesson with Doug (contact here) at The Atlantic Club in Manasquan, NJ.  For just a video analysis on one of your strokes, a 30 minute lesson is required.  Or, the video analysis can be included as just part of a full 1 hour lesson.  See the "Elite" rates here.  (See also the "remote option")

During your lesson, Doug will record your stroke using a professional coach's app that utilizes 120 frames per second video.  Several will be reviewed, and one that he feels is representative of  both your good and bad habits will be isolated for analysis.

Your video will be reviewed, analyzed, and discussed there, on the court, so you get immediate feedback of your stroke's strengths and weaknesses.

After the lesson, Doug will review your stroke again, and create a full analysis video of your mechanics in a side-by-side comparison with the same stroke being executed by himself or another tennis professional, using a telestrator to show the stroke's finer points and especially the corrections needed, as well as include Doug's comments, narrated over the footage.

Your analysis video will be provided to you for easy viewing, on a private password-protected page here on

A link of your analysis video will also be provided, via Dropbox, so that you can download it to your phone or computer

sample video stroke analysis

Here is an example of a Video Stroke Analysis that you get from Winning Form, to quickly and easily view via streaming (on a private, password-protected page), as well as to download to your computer or phone via a provided link.  Re-watch, learn from it, show it to your instructor, make changes, improve!

Player: "Sue"

Stroke: Backhand Groundstroke (One-Handed)

Download (via Dropbox) also provided 

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